Friday, 2 April 2010

As bad as it seems.

I felt that this week was one of the worst ever this year,
I had Moral on Monday and I guess it was so so only, time was definitely not on my side, managed to finish all because I spared my toilet time, you know, I can't even have my toilet time, looking at the amount of people going to toilets with only 2 reasons, makes me think that why the heck that they have so much time??

Following few days was MSSKL, got 7..worst in my MSSKL record I guess? Didn't take it seriously this time, cause I can predict how I would perform with the amount of training I have..I skipped 3 days of hell-ish subjects, that's the good part.

Now comes the bad part, the tourney ended 1 day before, supposedly on friday..and so friday was History..I spend my whole day..after the tourney which ended like 10 something..after that had a lil comp time, and then I studied my ass out, no afternoon nap at all..I studied all the way till 12, and I slept and woke up and 2.30..studied again..which comes to mind that out of 24 hours I only had 2.30 nap time..

Hours later, waiting to sit my exam, my teacher came and told me, today must take the exams u missed, I totally stunned, I thought it was like next week, must have 1 subject..I was like I'm so screwed..I only had 2 and 1/2 fucking hours of sleep and you want me to sit for bio papers??? After the history paper 2 my thumb was aching like shit, I managed to sleep awhile after I've finish shooting paper 1..then I went straight for the exam..I already told myself, do paper 1, screw paper 2..I did finish all but I can guess that out of the total marks of paper 2, I can get only like 10 marks?? because I had not even studied. and I thumb ache badly eonough..totally didn't have the mood to do the exams..I used 90 mins to finish 2 bio papers, how cool is that? :D

Whatever it is, I think I'm gonna apologize to Ms.Lee.
I'm gonna give Add Maths paper the shock of it's life, watch out :) of course with a lil help la, haha

In addition, Didi's out of American Idol..How does that make your week great???!!!
Either I find some contestants to like about or I'm not gonna watch it anymore.

everyone has their mood swings, the degree of the swing is what that matters.--me :)

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