Monday, 20 April 2009

todays pretty morning sky made my day ;)

it was just so wallpaper ish..

bright cresent moon, a bright star not far from it, and a jet plane making a line of artificial cloud

and the sky


- V peace V-


Sunday, 12 April 2009


I still can't seem to like that class

all I need is just to find these 3 particular things,

why should I give in my best and get high placing in 12?

my comfort zone.

the perfect time.

should all be answered and with a lil bit of luck

everything comes together in time

then eventually I'll give my best

and beat them one by one

....I guess

till then,

god bless me

praying hard (:


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Happy Birthday to Zong Lin here.

Big boy already.

Be good and don't always gek the add maths teacher aka KFC

He old already la later he get strok again how?

sorry can't attend your celebration, sick mah.


Friday, 27 March 2009

Hope [i]t Gives You Hell

Exam results.....
I can't really say it's really bad..
I think it's a very normal thing for me getting 59% for my average...
but somehow things are waaaay different if you're in that class,
people make a big fuss out of it, and it's practically an alone stuff.
you see, because everybody else gets 75 80 90 and me on the other hand gets....59 :D
special right? I'm always the special one..

almost every subject I SUCCESSFULLY achieve the lowest marks,
my friend was like 'you damn toooot la you, you sure simply tooot this exam 1'
I was like how high you think I can get? this is me, the usual me and the typical marks I get
he still give me the 'I don't believe you' look.

aren't really happy about it I guess..
Target are locked on me, throwing questions at me all the time,
I think it's not wrong to do that,
but sometimes it just trips me off and makes me wanna shout at them
'can you ....... get off my back'
I can seriously tell you ways like that aren't gonna make me score those stupid grades
and guess what, doesn't mean you want that certain grade (surely want A 1 la, what nonsense are you talking)
Doesn't mean that I have to get it,
I can't really satisfy everyone, so the main thing is just me and myself.

If you're hoping I could become like one of those, no maybe at least just half of those students in that class,
I'm so sorry to disappoint you that there's no way it's gonna happen.
I'm the type of person that seeks moderation, and don't really give high hopes on myself, but it depends on what condition it is la.
I don't really want to be the smartest, nor the stupidest, actually there's no such thing as stupidest, I just wanna be the middle fella.

so just get off my back and quit biting me, let me roam on my own capability, don't ever try to push me off the edge, it's not gonna be good.
Try thinking of this,
I'm everything they're not, they're everything I'm not
feel better?

(mr. lim's target for my chemistry --70% )
I try my best k?
heeeeeeee XD

endurance, patience,time and good friends are what I really need to help me get through this year which are full of creeps and shits.
all these is what I really feel deep down under.
if it hurts or causes discomfort to anyone,
go toooot yourself??
no no no, accept my apologies then.
and smile k ?
heeeeeeeeee XD


Saturday, 21 March 2009

uh ohhhh....

....something is back....

and it's getting bigger....

....this is so bad....


Friday, 20 March 2009

I proudly present mah drawing

p/s : can only be drew under nervous / freaked out / scared conditions
Thank you for spending your time here :D

Thursday, 19 March 2009

18th of March of the year 2009

after mamak-ing with friends at night

which the total was 82 bucks for 4 person

sapu-ed everything

and then my friends mom fetched me back home

at my doorstep

I waited for people to open the door for me

my friend also wanted to take back his basketball

and I was bragging about how pretty the stars was that scattered across the night sky

and then out of the blue

me: (stunned) was that a........?
friend: ........... it was a meteor
me: ........omfg 'O'

I was totally stunned and speechless and happy at the same time

I didn't know what to say

and then I told everyone in the house, all thought I went crazy already

I was crazy, and also cannot believe that I actually saw 1

and as my first sighting of it, it was just up above my house

and then before I sleep, I still had to digest the fact that I saw one

I was also smilling the whole time, I sleeping also smilling

imagine eujin smilling while he's sleeping, like having a ham sap dream like that :P

But then seriously, everything was so cartoonish, so animated..

the way the meteor streak across the sky..

I really can't describe it,

It was just one, imagine me watching a meteor shower

me will go nuts @.@

and of course..

after seeing must make wishes 1 right? :)
I shall make this day one of my lucky days


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Being in a devastating situation wasn't that bad after all,
you can sometimes find happiness in it too.
ironic isn't it?
correct me if i misuse this word, it's my first time (=
If it wasn't because of them
I would be
god bless sj and sy and other form 5's for tomorrow

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

why the heck did you freak out??!!
for what god damn reason???!!
got your freaking mind all jammed up and what, forget every shit?!!
what were you scared of??!!
what teachers would say?
think of you?
for getting bad marks??
or even flunking it??
how many times does it need to repeat itself??
even if you're in 12
you don't need to care about what people think of you!
afraid that they're gonna scold you in front of the whole class?
so what??
come on la..
if you know this was gonna happen
why bother making a big fuss when the teacher didn't let you enter 12 in the 1st place?
which part of you deserves so freaking much to be squezzed in to 12?
what subject are so good in that other people suck like shit?
oh you think your's is damn good la..
grow up la..
the 1st thing that you need to get rid is your goddamn stupid attitude of caring about what other people thinks or whatever
mouths theirs,
brains theirs,
you can't control them right??
there's more of these people out there la
when you go out there and met them all,
what are you gonna do?
stuff shits into every mouths ah?
think of it.
these is only the 1st term.
whatever it is, I've swore not to be depressed over a damn paper anymore.
it's so not worth it
I seriously have no idea how to go though the year.
what am I gonna do to keep myself afloat in 12?
..........i need help )=

Monday, 9 March 2009

Don't worry

be happy

cause every little thing

is gonna be alright

whatever the outcome is,
just smile,
it may not solve the problem,
but at least it cheers you up
and puts your mind at ease.



leng mou?


Saturday, 21 February 2009

Starry Starry Night

Librarians, Prefects, Sports Prefects hamblang joined together
and it turned out to be quite fun actually..
everybody was darn handsome and gorgeous
food was okay
atmosphere? high and higher and way up high and all the way up to da sky!
MC was hillarious, btw tun khong should brush up his lame jokes a bit :P
and then there was Yew Onn's band and break dance preformance from Mustang Crew
both equally yeng~
I don't want to upload pics cause lazy
so for picture viewing please proceed to to the other members of my friends
this year a bit lack of pics but nvm lar..
I'll put up 1 lovely picture of us

1st group pic in 4 years !

oh and 2 more..

prom king in da house!
he's trying to make people focus on the shinny crown badge
squint your eyes and look closely :D

guitarist of da night!

take care people!


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Peeps!

I met her on 5th of Jan 09

It was a love at first sight

And then destiny brought us closer together

and eventually love took affection on both

we've been together for 39 days now

and I can imagine us being together for another few years

but still I sometimes feel I haven't really fully understand her yet

I don't whether she feels the same

and I know she also has many questions for me

though she reveals it little by little

the too damn difficult ones and never the too damn easy ones

and I also know there's more to come in time

but I just want to answer all those questions

with those 3 words

I Love You.

and it's only for the one and only
Additional Mathematics (:
btw, is add maths a she?
okay I'm sorry for being lame,
I'm just bored now.
spended the day understanding add maths and

Happy Valentines peeeps,
May god bless the lovely people I've loved, love, loves, always loving and forever loving
please grant it god, thank you!


Saturday, 31 January 2009

Singlish chat from 98.7FM Singapore

Have A Laugh :)

What's life without mother nature?

oPhoto's I took during church camp
self-proclaimed one of the best pictures I've ever took ;D
although just taken with a lousy cybershoot pohone and not with an DSLR

effects of the solar eclipse
( enlarged is prettier )


Monday, 19 January 2009

Apolojeeesussss to you peeps for not updating this blue-ish dead blog..
you see..
form 4 life ain't really that honeymoon kind and since I managed to get my butt into the 1st became more hectic than ever. ( I loved form 3 life better than now )
Those teachers are meaner than ever, psychopath-er than ever, everything that is bad for us + than ever..
The class?
smarter than ever, faster than ever, everything also + than ever..
always one step behind them..I guess? I personally think so la..
I don't know how to describe myself in that class..
sometimes I just hated myself for being so high enthusiastic wanting to change to that class..
since young I already told and swear to myself, no matter whether you're capable or not don't ever go to that class...
now it's like the song from paramore :
my version :

I really want to go back to 11, it's already the best class for me..
that class has the right pace for me, not to fast not to slow :D
for me right, the more the teacher suck the better
but on the other hand the terrer the teacher the worse for me.
why? I don't know too, ask God.
but whatever it is..
I of course will try my best like what all those peeps say..
and parents already told me if I get last also it's ok, but try your best.
and so I will..but
I think still will get last larrr right..???
who cares la..the most important thing is that
and that's basically how my everyday life in 12 is la..
always trying to be the naughtiest boy in 12 for 2009..
trying to catch peoples tail..
always trying..
1 day I cannot tahan d I'll burn that tail to ash so there's no more tail to catch! muahahaha :D

on the other side of my world,
being apart from my darling courts and shoes and rackets and etc.. for 4 months+
I just found out that I wasn't the only fella who became lazy to play squash after PMR
heeeeeeeee XD
went to join the MSSKL tournament, without any training but lucky me I ran almost counted as regularly..
so got a bit of stamina, but guess what? I'm still good :)
that level that still okay la can hit and everything and can still beat the shit out of people!
how proud can I be? well tougher days are ahead..I bet these guys are just small obstacles, big ones are coming!
brace yourselfs for muscle cramps!! arghh!!

lastly, words for Isr.. country,
you toot-ing peeee eye geeeesss are so toot-ing peee eye geeee,
inhumane son of a pee eye gee !
damn blardy toot-ing toot-tards!
wanna bomb bomb your own retarded country la..
stuck one grenade up your a** and blow up yourselfs la..
because of one small strip then start bombing people like hell!
luckily you've already ceasefire..
if not when there's huge earthquake that shakes the whole earth,
you're the first country that's gonna go deep into the crust!
and the last one is also you!
burn the shti out you a-holes!

to Gaza, god bless you peeps people rock!
peace man!


Sunday, 4 January 2009

well.. screw what the researchers said but I really think resolutions are cool..
I already have a few in my mind..
The previous 1 was trash la..
This 1's the real one..

1. Live life to the max and be happy always :)
2. Play squash has a hobby and try playing other sports , and also swim more often!
3. Eat more foods!
4. Get mah own guitar and learn seriously from Jiun How
5. Start saving money to buy my dream dog. I present you dah Siberian Huski :D
It's a beauty aite??
Dad says puppy cost 2k, darn it'll take me years to save but who cares la.
6. well I guess this the last 1 already, STUDY HARD, PARTY HARD!
Only six, I guess that's enough, I don't need so much.
Wish me luck on accomplishing it.
Tomorrow's school already, guess I can't wait to go back, school's cool
and seriously, I hope I won't be late for the 1st day.
*praying hard :P

Friday, 2 January 2009

London: So decided to turn over a new leaf in 2009? Just give a second thought, for a New Year resolution could do you more harm than good, according to a mental health charity in Britain. Mind has urged people not to try to stick to New Year resolutions for self-improvement.
According to the charity, resolutions which focus on physical imperfections, such as bids to lose weight, create a negative self image and lead to feelings of hopelessness, low self-esteem and even mild depression.

And when those optimistic resolutions fail that could trigger feelings of failure and inadequacy, the charity said. “New Year’s resolutions can sometimes focus on our problems or insecurities such as being overweight, feeling unhappy in our jobs or feeling guilty about not devoting enough time to friends and family throughout the year. “We chastise ourselves for our perceived shortcomings and set unrealistic goals to change our behaviour, so it’s not surprising that when we fail to keep resolutions, we end up feeling worse than when we started.
“In 2009, instead of making a New Year’s resolution, think positively about the year to come and what you can achieve,” Mind chief executive Paul Farmer was quoted by The Daily Telegraph as saying.

And, instead of easily broken resolutions the charity has suggested a few steps to improve all round mental health in 2009: Being active—exercise releases endorphins and even a gentle stroll is beneficial for your mental wellbeing; going green—evidence has shown that connecting with nature can boost moods; and learn something new—it will keep your mind stimulated and give you confidence in your abilities.

I have an excuse so,
no more resolutions more me :)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

here comes 2009 resolutions

1. hunt for great foods everywhere

2. urm... don't know yet, go with 3 1st
3. .........
damn..I suck at resolutions..
well, just go with flow mate.

this fellow page here looks quite dead..
so I'm here to save it, occasionally :D

1st of all, of course, Happy New Year to all of you peeps out there..
well, few minutes more and it's the end of January 1 2009
time freaking flies..
urm, glad to tell you all the stormy days of PMR are over, officially, past tense already.
I had the best Christmas present ever, and I'm freaking satisfied okay
I've gotten what I've ever dreamed of, fight for, pray for, cried for and somemore what for..?
practically everything for that darn thing.. yeap I'm happy :))))))))))))

well after that good thing kept coming..
before that also got la..Hong Kong for Christmas..
but my heart wasn't that settled..
was really afraid to buy any stuffs there even it really got my eyes on it..I still told myself wait till I get my results only buy all you want okay.
but i still manage to get some stuffs, with fear~

Then barbeque with loads of family members and counting down loud loud, at home..
and then just went Sunway Lagoon, almost 3 or 4 or 5 years didn't print my footprint there already, finally got da chancy..
roam around all 5 parks..
that stupid scream park was creepy and had those spinning stuffs illusion which I'm still spinning at times..damn thing.
Then rollercoaster and stuffs and water parks and rides and water and rides and water..
Then that's all for the day, whole day was playing and having fun.
having fun for the last few days of holidays before going back to school right?

what about 2009 resolutions?
never thought of it. never had 1 before.
but maybe I'll think about it, just to let myself be aware of what I'm gonna do next and what's next to pray hard for :)