Sunday, 6 July 2008


El mundo más remota distancia entre la vida y la muerte, pero yo ante ustedes no saben que Te quiero

세계의 대부분의 원격 거리를 삶과 죽음,이 저는 여러분 앞에 사랑하는 당신은 모르겠지만

Di tutto il mondo più remote distanza tra la vita e la morte, è che davanti a lei, ma non sai che ti amo

Die weltweit am weitesten entfernten Abstand zwischen Leben und Tod, ist, dass ich vor Ihnen, aber Sie wissen nicht, dass ich liebe dich

Le monde les plus reculées distance entre la vie et la mort, c'est que je m'adresse à vous, mais vous ne savez pas que Je t'aime

Had been waiting from that time to come..
and it did..
but I freaking missed it..
what a screwed up fakar..ROAR!!!

Look, even cookie monster says that..
sometimes I would like to say that to the world..
especially my mum..
She can be nice, and she can be a real freaking-piss-you-off person..
She nags and tells me stuffs like over and over and over again..
Until you like
'okay, I promise'
'okay, I swear'
and she stops..
she could return ya know..
I use to like the sat's and sun's
It's like school..nothing..
but that was the good o days..
She starts to scold and nag even when I'm sleeping..
what the fuck?!!!
It's fucking annoying..
and even when I go down for breakfast or lunch or dinner..
halfway she would start again..
and it really fucking pisses me off..
How I wish I could tell her off..but I can't..she my mum

And there's the other side of me..
I had develope this vengeance in me..
cause everytime after she scolds I would just tell myself to hang on..
after that i would just take a pen and slash through the papers..
I feel like just stabbing someone..
to relase my anger..
and duh..stabbing someone and getting yourself shoved into prison..
what's the fucking point..

I just fucking hate myself..Hate my fucking life..
What's the point of living such a life..
Wonder why was I even born..
To suffer these fucking shits? To take all the scoldings and naggings?!!
what if I was blind or deaf, would the world be a better place?
being deaf, hearing voices and sounds no more
being blind, seeing no one..
but it would be a great loss cause I will not see again..

oh ya, according to my parents..
hellooo, don't you know that I would rather stay in school wholeday than coming back home???
Home is like becoming hell to me..
fuck them la....diu
To my grandma up in heaven,

please guide me through life,
I don't know how much I could hang on anymore,
will this vengeance in my heart grow stronger and bigger?
I don't want it to take over me..

Why did you leave popo, I miss you so much..
take care of yourself up there.

- J²™ -

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Always wanted to update but in the end changed my mind..
Either because I'm too damn lazy too..
or there's no time..
or for some reasons..

Getting bored of life..
Work, work and work every single day..
If it's not project then it's something else..
PMR is like 3 months away and trials in 1 month..
in a blink of eye and it's like July =.=

still trying to live on..
"Don't go the way life takes you.
Take the life the way you go.
And remember you are born to live
and not living life because you are born."

By the way..
starting to love the Science and Maths club aka SM xD
Things are starting to get gore and bloody
did I even mention we're starting to disect frogs..woot!!
The first time I was a lil nervous with all the weird feelings and palms shaking..
But then after I had warmed up I got excited and..(you wouldn't want to know more) let's just say it so called 'REST IN PEACE'
And with the presence of it even get more fun..kekeke..
well, that kinda the only day I could really get close to..

gonna stop squash after the last tournament until PMR's done for good..

I'll take their advices..
I'll put down your picture..
Memories of cold..
Take it off and let it drop..
You're through..
Don't worry..
Be happy..
Cause every lil thing..
Is gonna be alright..