Tuesday, 24 August 2010

When realize is just the starting.

When you grow up from that little being,
When you started mixing with everyone,
When you thought that everything was going well,
When you rocketed sky high with everything,
When you were happy with everything,
When your attitude stood out the most among the rest,
When we all realized you were moving away from the axis of consciousness,
When we all voiced out,
When you never listen,
That's when we gave up,
Then and there.

We can only bring you,
tell you,
guide you,
till this very point,
walk on from here, yourself.

That's all we can do, all I can do.
I know you'll realize it sooner or later, maybe not with us,
but with some other people out there.
Change for the better alright?
I don't want to see you digging your own grave and walking straight into it, but there's really nothing I can do.
Hope you understand.
I hope you REALIZE.

Ego is just simply a mentality of how you think yourself is and carry around without noticing the harm it might bring upon yourself.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Art Of Love

Hesitant to advance, Fearful of withdrawal.
Don't like this feeling at all.

I'm scared a little for myself, I'm afraid more for you.

Cause I’m still learning the art of love
I’m still trying to not mess up
So whenever I stumble let me know.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

World of Laughters

nobody ever dies of laughter.

I had huge wacko laughter during last week's Saturday at Tze Heng's house warming, yesterday and today.
Starting from house warming.

Tze Heng's house was amazingly out-of-this-world huge with a spacious front porch which it's already enough for me to jog around.
It was 3-stories high, I tell you if I were to live in that type of house right now, with my parents not around, I would only linger in the ground floor.
Laughter started off with Hui Xin, Kit Mun and Po Xuan picking on Adrian by imitating his laugh, they said it was like a car engine starting *kkkeeekk (pause) keeekkk (pause) kekkkkk and starts laughing, LOL!
Then a version of Yang Sheng's laugh, a smile that cracks on the face and turns away, turns back and it's gone..no one and no one has ever seen him burst into a big laughter, just the grin.==
It's like 'The Silencer'
Then Kar Quin's was the funiest of all.
Watch this.
*HAHAHAHAHAHA, @iu, soh@@ and so forth and with his palm slamming against his fist ==
Even when he laughs he is still so vulgar..

it's was about the Ceriathon card, they asked us to donate at least 50 bucks (actually it was for us to ask around for donation for people)
Last day to pass it up so I just gave a GENEROUS amount of 10, like what Voon Kaen said.
I never fill in the names and stuffs, so I when I wanted to fill it before I pass it up, they asked for parent's IC ==
Xin said just write my parents birthday and make up the back portion of it.
Father's BD? Dunno. Mother's BD?Dunno Xin was like ==
Then she said leave it. Then the names of the donaters.
There were 4 which my friends simply made it up, the 1st and 4th was normal
2nd was by the name, Ai Saw Hye.
3rd was by the name, Ben Xiao Zhang.
OMG laugh till my stomach cramp a lil bit already, if you don't get it just keep saying it until you get it right. (it's a bad word and the principal)

After school, stayed back for rehearsal for the performance on Friday.
I, Hui Xin and Zong Lin was walking towards the canteen when Bill was approaching with a HL chocolate milk on his hand,
a chocolate milk addict I was and I asked ''BILL! WHY DIDN'T BELANJA ME?!!"
He was like "Aaaa (thinking of what to say)"
Zong Lin " Ya lor!" Dunno where he got a small part of dunno what plant and place it into Bill's milk.
Bill was like totally wtf and quickly pick it out, damn digusting man.

Zong Lin and Bill was to play an ugly girl.
omg man Bill had this wig like the boy in Karate Kid on his head, 1st he looked funny on it, 2nd he went like "YOU SPIN MY HEAD RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROUND!!" and it fall off, damn funny.
Then left 15 minutes and there's just me, Bill, Hui Xin, Kit Mun and Zong Lin.
We tested every song there was in the CD and the funniest was 'Airplanes' and 'If We Ever Meet Again'
Zong Lin was B.o.B with the wig rapping and I played a small part of Hayley Williams during the chorus, imitating her part in the music video with the arms like an airplane flying around, damn hillarious.
Then again in 'If We Ever Meet Again', Bill started off singing and then chorus took over by Zong Lin. He copied the way of Katty Perry singing, omg that 1 I really drop on the floor laughing like hell..
Oh then there's also when he posed with the wig and said "I AM THE ROCK" with that look of him, you just can't resist bursting into a laugh.
and there was other funny scenes too.
In the end,
We concluded that Zong Lin pawned today's rehearsal.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010







and I can't do a thing about it.

Beyond The Words.

If I knew things would turn out this way,
I wouldn't have taken that way.

Things weren't going well these days,
I felt like everything around me is just going so fast, I'm slowing down?

Prayers have let me walked over so much,
Hope this will too.
So much going through my mind right now.

And the worst part is
Before it gets any better
I'm heading for a cliff
And in the free fall
I will realize I'm better off
When I hit the bottom

How told me 难得找到了,就不要放弃。

Monday, 12 April 2010

Pattern 101

"A pattern has an integrity independent of the medium by virtue of which you have received the information that it exists. Each of the chemical elements is a pattern integrity. Each individual is a pattern integrity. The pattern integrity of the human individual is evolutionary and not static."

R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), U.S.American philosopher and inventor.

This term was first oftenly used by our very own Koh Jiun How, and then pass on to one another till it became a trend of saying it, which when day goes by, it knocks on the door in your mind that it's so true and you can it everyday, be it in symmetrical or insymmetrical,an entity or being, takes any forms of life with soul or not, it exist everywhere.

Example, exams.
I mean like let's say 30mins before.
If you would just calm down, clear your mind, put everything down, take a few steps out the battleground, widen the view your're staring at, observe attentively, and you would notice something funny.
Minutes before an exam unawarely brings everyone together, stranger or not, they're as close as your family at that time, never notice before? try it next time.

And then there's results time, lagi worse.
Every shit of everyone from everyone can be seen through and through.
I don't know whether that I've ever acted like that, or in a way that would offend somebody when I get my results, anyway I apologise for it, but the truth is that I really feel kinda sick of it already.
I told my friend to keep it general enough so this would be just like this, I really don't want to mention anyone here.


I think this is so cool, what'd you think?

and it seem all so fine those days..those days..

Friday, 2 April 2010

As bad as it seems.

I felt that this week was one of the worst ever this year,
I had Moral on Monday and I guess it was so so only, time was definitely not on my side, managed to finish all because I spared my toilet time, you know, I can't even have my toilet time, looking at the amount of people going to toilets with only 2 reasons, makes me think that why the heck that they have so much time??

Following few days was MSSKL, got 7..worst in my MSSKL record I guess? Didn't take it seriously this time, cause I can predict how I would perform with the amount of training I have..I skipped 3 days of hell-ish subjects, that's the good part.

Now comes the bad part, the tourney ended 1 day before, supposedly on friday..and so friday was History..I spend my whole day..after the tourney which ended like 10 something..after that had a lil comp time, and then I studied my ass out, no afternoon nap at all..I studied all the way till 12, and I slept and woke up and 2.30..studied again..which comes to mind that out of 24 hours I only had 2.30 nap time..

Hours later, waiting to sit my exam, my teacher came and told me, today must take the exams u missed, I totally stunned, I thought it was like next week, no..today must have 1 subject..I was like I'm so screwed..I only had 2 and 1/2 fucking hours of sleep and you want me to sit for bio papers??? After the history paper 2 my thumb was aching like shit, I managed to sleep awhile after I've finish shooting paper 1..then I went straight for the exam..I already told myself, do paper 1, screw paper 2..I did finish all but I can guess that out of the total marks of paper 2, I can get only like 10 marks?? because I had not even studied. and I thumb ache badly eonough..totally didn't have the mood to do the exams..I used 90 mins to finish 2 bio papers, how cool is that? :D

Whatever it is, I think I'm gonna apologize to Ms.Lee.
I'm gonna give Add Maths paper the shock of it's life, watch out :) of course with a lil help la, haha

In addition, Didi's out of American Idol..How does that make your week great???!!!
Either I find some contestants to like about or I'm not gonna watch it anymore.

everyone has their mood swings, the degree of the swing is what that matters.--me :)