Sunday, 31 January 2010

Complications Are Inevitable.

Urmm..Don't really know what to start about.

School life go 1st then.
Racial stuffs and canteen was the headlines, but then it's over so there's no need to talk much about it.
Then there comes intervensi, the exam from jabatan which I don't know what the heck is the use of it and it was made 1 of the official exams in our school and I pretty sat for it seriously, well sorta..
Our tables were like a finger length away from each other, and so stuffs happens you know :D
Aiya all these you know I know so don't need to say la, and had a few snapshots of it too, naughty us.
and I just realize school was actually a quite strategic place to take scenery pictures.

Off to birthdays.
January is really a month full of birthdays,
Rin The Blackhole, Hui Jun, Jiun How and so on..
Contributed to most of their presents, Hui Jun's present I've got to buy it myself which it is gonna be a bit late until I get the chance to go patient kay :D
all these signals my wallet is getting slimmer D: , but then okay lar once every once in a year.
Friend friend ma, and like what How always say to me: 这个世界这么大,为什么偏偏要我遇见你这个sensored leh? and I always tell him the same thing 缘分.

Well, but still some complications are just inevitable right?
Since the time the issue of not wishing 1 friend happy birthday was brought up, again and again, and again...things begin to go off road.
I just felt like there's already a communication problem going way wrong, and it's still.
And I can tell you something too, you're the only one I know who talks to me with different tones that shows you don't like something. and maybe you would say I'm sensitive, maybe you're right, but only to you I guess, because you really the only who does that.
I feel like bringing up this problem, but knowing would just do something predictable.
Man this sucks la, feeling all so fucked up inside, teachers fucking with you, people are fucking with you.. sucks so badly.
You know what, since entering this class, I've really experienced tons of shits which are such strangers to me, and I know there's more to come.
Seeing someone that's almost a close friend change is really something to 'wow' and be amaze of seriously, you really wouldn't even imagine it.
Anyway, I've told myself whatever it is, you're already in here.
Stop wining and accept it.
You can't and will not leave this class, there's no way.
So, why not I just blend in and just be happy, screw those teachers, do what what you can and have fun.
and myself couldn't agreed more.
Big smile :D

When Live Gives You Lemons, You Make Lemonade.
(lemons means lemons ah, don't come up with stupid ideas to replace lemons.)

Monday, 4 January 2010

1st Day of School-------------SUCKS!!

Before I go in the main title of the day..
I like to say something about my blog,
I rite.., manged to ABANDON IT FOR FREAKING 8 MONTHS!!
I checked the dashboard and the sky that made my day for that day, became my last post ever.
Even po xuan memorized it already...awwww
So picked today to restart again, good day huh? :D

Then the main thing,
as you know 1st day of school, parents gets all choked up because their kids are finally going for school for the 1st time. *applause, have a great time, long way ahead.
but then you parents don't need to jam up the whole OUG the gua just to pick your precious kids from big ol' YOKE NAM
OUG.......jammed ==''

Sigh, Sentosarians..that's what they call, started our at assembly at about 8 after the big cooling rain..when later it turn out to be sunny..Those teachers and headmistress talk and talk and talk, as usual we talk and talk and talk too..but we still lose to them, we talk finish already they still with the hot sun, they had a mouthful of 'compliments' from us. EAT THAT!
Asked zong lin whether he wants stand at my place.

Want anot? Don' want.

Want anot? Don't want.

Want anot? Don't want.


Jiun How leh..gave him that look and point the place in front of me, asking him too want anot?this time I don't want to talk.
Don't want also. Minutes later, gave that I'M SO DARN HOT look.
Totally gave up on them.
There's this prefect too, form 3 I guess, typical malay prefect.
Kept asking the girls from this class to move forward where there's a gap and there's where the sun's lazer beam shoots at. They resist. but she kept on asking.
She stands beside me, fan sei yan.
I was thinking man, people so fair and lovely and fair and you ah.................. figure the next few words yourself.. I didn't say anything.

Then started class lo. This time sit behind Xin and Xuan.
No one sit behind me, can have all the space again :)
Beside the window, not too bad, the okok scenery is fine to look at and day dream.
Morning's the best la. cool and cosy, just the right moment to sleep.
and right no more add maths and maths for breakfast, totally all changed.
except, he's our form teacher now. it's still nowhere near good. :(
anyway, form 5 already..
just for record, yesterday was like counting down for the best songs for the decade!
Yea, that's the speed of time.
And another decade more it's 2020.
Hooray! cheers! what's next then?
just pray everything goes smooooooooothly in 2012. *praying hard :X

This is it...
This is where the fun begins.
Good day people.